Veal Chops

Widely found on upscale menus throughout the country, the veal chop is the premium cut of veal.
Veal chops provide a hearty portion with a very delicate flavor.
Grilling and roasting are good choices for the veal chop.

Veal Ribs and Veal Rib Chops Similar in shape to beef ribs, veal ribs offer cooks and diners a unique rib experience.
Chefs have been seen nationwide preparing tasty veal rib dishes utilizing signatures sauces such as Sweet and Spicy BBQ and Thai BBQ.

Veal Rib Chops:

Cut from veal racks, the rib chops are a favorite for veal lovers. Rib chops can be served on their own with sauce or enhanced with rubs and seasonings. To add some drama to the plate, “French” the bones of the rib chop about 2 – 3”. It’s a plate presentation that is sure to impress your guests.

Veal Loin Chops:

Cut from the veal loin, the loin chop is a favorite item for the BBQ. For added flare don’t forget the cross-cut grill marks for when you want that perfect plate presentation. The tender, juicy and full of flavor loins chops has part of the tenderloin attached which adds to its’ delicious flavor and reputation of one of the finest cuts.